This year is special. This year we present Djadja Pride at Waterkant.
A 4 day event in celebration of the diversity of gender identities and our right to self-determination.
Combining forces with International Queer Migrants Film Festival, House of Arts and Bar Pamela
we aim to achieve a beautiful and diverse Pride programme from which we all can learn
and can educate eachother.  

There is plenty to do during Pride at Waterkant.
For the first time in our existence, we have two outdoor events too.
This means: the best DJs, performances, a nice crowd, food & drinks,
dancing on our sunny terrace and much more.

Waterkant celebrates and stimulates the Djadja in all of us!


This largest Progress Pride flag in the world is an initiative of Waterkant and made possible by Stichting Pride. 
It will be on display during Pride Amsterdam from July 30th to August 7th 2022.


Waterkant, located underneath the Q-Park building, is a tropical oasis in the heart of  Amsterdam,
offering a mixture of all the great qualities that Suriname has to offer.
Diversity  and inclusion are of paramount importance to us. During Pride Amsterdam,
we make our  commitment to diversity and inclusion even more visible than ever by displaying the largest 
Progress Pride flag in the world, as a kind of giant Angisa (1). 

Flags serve as visible signals to everyone. A white flag stands for peace.
The colors of your  home country’s flag make you feel like you belong.
The Progress Pride flag marks a safe(r) space for the LGBTQIA+ community. The larger the flag, the more powerful the message.  

With the largest Progress Pride flag in the world we say: during Pride Amsterdam our city is a safe(r) space.
Here you can be who you are and love whoever you want (2). 

Happy pride to all!

Soso Lobi,
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1) An Angisa is a headscarf that was worn by women enslaved in Suriname.
By folding the  Angisa in special ways, people were able to secretly share different kinds of information. 
See: www.tropenmuseum.nl

2) We would prefer to always have the Progress Pride flag on our head.
But even without a  flag, Waterkant will always be committed to providing a safe(r) space and diversity and  inclusion
will always be our top priority.




Everyone should feel free to be themselves, without pressure from imposed norms.  Unfortunately, the reality is different, and our freedom to self-determination is often far  from complete.
In the Netherlands, too, people are still discriminated against and beaten up  every day because of who they are or who they love. 

In recent decades, our struggle has mainly revolved around 'being allowed to love who we  want'.
Now it's time to broaden the focus to 'being allowed to be how we feel'.
In other  words: it is time to pay attention to the diversity of gender identities and our right to self determination.
We have the right to deviate from the norm and the gender we were given at birth.
Therefore, gender identity is a central focus during Pride Amsterdam with the theme 'My Gender, My Pride'. 

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Visual design: studio Pieter Jan Boterhoek 

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